Who are we?

Here’s our board for the 2022-2023 school year:

  • President: Karine Kim (Physiological Science & Anthropology)
  • Internal Vice President: Hannah Huie (Chemical Engineering)
  • External Vice President: Masooma Hasnain (Geophysics)
  • Treasurer: Maya Chatrathi (Electrical Engineering)
  • Supplies Manager: Justin Dong (Material Science and Engineering)
  • Curriculum Director: Nicole Elbaz-Deckel (Cognitive Science)
  • Curriculum Committee: Samantha Tinney (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Curriculum Committee: Courtney Lok (Biochemistry)
  • Secretary: Rowena Rahman (MCDB)
  • Social Chair: Keena Patel (Biology)
  • Web Master: Sudarshan Seshadri (Electrical Engineering)
  • Advisor: Kara Levy (Materials Science & Engineering)
  • Advisor: Joy Lee (Psychobiology)