Bridge Building lesson

Bridge Building

Lesson Plan

Students learn the fundamentals of how bridges work, exploring different types of bridges (e.g. suspension, beam, truss) and attempt to build their own!

Microscopes lesson


Lesson Plan

Students learn about the science behind microscopes, and examine everyday (and not-so-everyday) objects to see what they really look like up close!

Oobleck lesson


Lesson Plan

Students learn about non-Newtonian fluids by creating and playing with one of the most bizzare materials imaginable!

Robots (with mBots) lesson

Robots (with mBots)

Lesson Plan

Students assemble and program their own robots to compete against each other, learning basic programming skills and a knowledge control systems along the way!

Rollercoasters lesson


Lesson Plan

Students feel the rush of rollercoasters as they learn about the relationship between potential and kinetic energy, and try to make the largest rollercoaster possible!

Stomp Rockets lesson

Stomp Rockets

Lesson Plan

Students learn about aerodynamics and how rockets are constructed, and then build and launch their own!