FIRST general meeting of spring quarter 2021: Monday, April 12 @ 6pm PT –> zoom link

What is BEAM? What does BEAM do?

BEAM (Building Engineers and Mentors) brings hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities to underserved K-8 schools across Los Angeles. Our program aims to improve student attitudes toward STEM. Every week, we visit classes after school to perform experiments and give lessons covering various topics like biology, chemistry, or physics. Our members represent a variety of majors, from biology to computer science to English.

If BEAM sounds like a club that interests you, fill out this form and come to one of our weekly meetings!

How do I join?

For spring 2021, our first general meeting will be Monday of Week 3 (April 12) at 6pm PT! Zoom link here. You can fill out our interest form to receive email updates. If you can’t make it to our first meeting of the quarter, drop by any Monday at 6pm (same link as above); we’re happy to get new members any time, and we don’t have a formal application. Email us at if you have any questions!

What about COVID-19? Is BEAM still active?

Yes! While we can’t do site visits in-person at the moment, we are still teaching our lessons virtually this year. All our lessons and curriculum meetings will take place over Zoom throughout the 2020-2021 school year. We’re working on adapting our existing lesson plans and developing new ones that will work well in a virtual format.

Why should I join BEAM?

If you like working with kids, enjoy science, and want to meet some awesome new people then this is the club for you! Being involved with BEAM is a great way to give back to the LA community and mentor the next generation of scientists and engineers. We have fun seeing our students at site every week, and we host socials every quarter to foster community within our club.

I’m not an engineering major, can I still join BEAM?

Yes! BEAM is open to all majors, and we want to show students that science is for everyone! All the material we teach is geared towards 4th and 5th graders, and we go over each week’s lesson before teaching it; don’t worry if you’ve forgotten the material!

When/where do you meet?

We have weekly curriculum meetings Mondays from 6-7pm PT over Zoom (previously in Boelter 7702). We spend these meetings preparing our lesson for the week and working on any new curriculum needed. Every Thursday and Friday, we teach our lesson plans to students via Zoom from 3pm to 4pm PT. Current participating schools are Melrose Elementary School and Crescent Heights Elementary School.

How much of a time commitment is BEAM?

We have 1-hour curriculum meetings each week and two separate hour-long site visits (plus an hour of travel time each way in non-COVID times). Members usually choose one site visit that works with their schedule. However, we know students are busy! If you need to miss meetings occasionally, we totally understand. If you can’t make the Thursday or Friday site visits for a quarter, we still encourage you to come to curriculum meetings and stay involved!

Do I need to transport myself to site visits?

Nope! Our lessons for the 2020-2021 are all virtual. When we return to in-person site visits, we rent cars through UCLA and one of our members with a license drives everyone to site visits.

Who’s behind BEAM?

Here’s our board for the 2020-2021 school year: