What We Do

BEAM is an after school program at K-12 schools across Los Angeles. For 6 weeks every quarter, UCLA students come to your child's school and teach hands-on science and engineering lessons. The key features of our program are:
Personal attention. We maintain a high mentor-to-student ratio (usually 1:4 or 1:5). Our mentors typically work with the same students every week for the entire quarter, allowing the opportunity to build meaningful and impactful relationships.
Hands-on learning. Your child is a natural engineer. We design lessons and activities that tap into their natural inclination to tinker and explore. We engage students in a creative and team-oriented atmosphere. As engineers and scientists ourselves, we understand the importance of teamwork in the real world, and we try to foster those skills in our students.
Open participation. There is no application process or requirements to join BEAM. We invite students of all abilities and backgrounds to join. However, individual schools may require that students finish their homework or regular assignments before they participate in BEAM.
Learn more about BEAM by reading our poster from the TANMS NSF Annual Review, presented on May 7, 2013.