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Learn exciting science and engineering concepts with these fun hands-on activities. Our lessons are designed and written by BEAM mentors
and are free to use at home or in the classroom.

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Chemistry and Biology Lesson Plans:

Acids/Bases  See the difference between acids and bases

DNA Extraction  Learn about our genetic material as you extract DNA from strawberries.

Enzymes  Get to know the molecular machines that help speed up chemical reactions in your body.

Evolution  Explore how organisms change to adapt to their environment.

Intro to Microscopes Explore the microscopic world around you. Requires a microscope.

Microbiology 1  Discover where teeny-tiny microbes live in your home or classroom.

Microbiology 2  Watch microscopic fungi "breathe" by using yeast to inflate a balloon.

Model Lungs  Build a pair of model lungs to explore air pressure and the process of breathing.

Polymer Fun Study polymers as you make your very own edible caviar!

Thirsty Potatoes Observe the effects of osmosis on "thirsty" potatoes.

Physics and Geology Lesson Plans:

Balloon Racers  Use Newton's Third Law of Motion to propel speedy balloon racers.

Boat Racing Learn how to design a boat considering speed and capacity.

Bridge Building  Construct different styles of bridges using toothpicks and marshmallows.

Clouds  Solve the mystery of how clouds are made by creating your own model cloud.

Erosion Challenge Learn about erosion and engineer your own devices to prevent it.

Ice Cream  Learn about Freezing Point Depression while making ice cream!

Intro to Robots  Program a robot to follow a simple set of instructions. Requires Lego Mindstorms.

Lava Lamps  Study molecular interactions while building your very own lava lamp.

Levers Learn about the simple machine that powers our daily life

Magnification Observe the effects that different mediums and shapes of mediums have on our sense of sight. 

Oil Spills 1  Learn all about density and the environmental impact of oil spills.

Oil Spills 2  Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you clean up a miniature oil spill.

Oobleck  Investigate the strange properties of a mixture of cornstarch and water.

Rollercoasters  Learn about kinetic and potential energy by building marble roller coasters.

Rubber Band Cars  Use the engineering design process to build a rubber band-powered car.

Stomp Rockets  Watch projectile motion in action as you launch your own paper rockets.

Squishy Circuits  Design your very own electrical circuits using homemade playdough.



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